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Handloom Story:-

  • Handlooms are environmentally friendly, and a viable way to make a living. The handloom sector provides 4.33 million people with jobs and is the second-largest source of employment in rural India. Around 95% of the world’s handwoven fabric comes from India.
  •  A ‘handloom’ is a loom used to weave fabric without having to use any electricity. Handweaving is performed on pit looms or frame looms which are usually located in the homes of weavers. Yarn spun by hand is called ‘handspun yarn’ and yarn spun by machine is called ‘mill spun yarn’. Fabrics woven from handspun yarn on handloom are called ‘khadi’, while mill spun yarn woven on handloom is called ‘handloom fabric’.
  •  Handloom weavers and fabrics are an integral part of the cultural heritage and tradition of India.  Handwoven cotton, compared to mill made cotton, is known for its breathability. This means that it allows for more air penetration which makes it cooler, smoother and more absorbent.

About Us-

Fabrocia Craftex builds the bridge and mediates for our clients. We had a vast network of vendors across India with an understanding of the world-class leading-edge buying tools and techniques.

We offer various products in Home and Lifestyle category including Furnishings & Textiles made-ups, all kind of fabrics in cotton, linen, silk, polyester and blend of different qualities, organic and sustainable fabrics, sustainable products and More. We also offer design inputs for product development by design experts.

We not only offer a wide range of products but also ensure the best practices of the vendors through whom we source these products.  We are identified the vendors very carefully after their production evolution and experience. Due to our knowledge of the products, we offer correct and competitive prices in the market and at the same time ensure quality products that meet international standards. We offer sampling before production, the order follows up with optimum delivery timelines.


Our vision

We want to open the doors of modern India to various clients across the world.

India, with its vast availability of yarns, fabrics and raw materials, the vibrancy of its colours, the flexibility of mixing ideas, and the availability of traditional and modern infrastructure to produce, by providing and using creative designs and thought to offer globally competitive products. The goal is to satisfy the clients with great buying experience with us. The company has very experienced and qualified personnel to help businesses with their sourcing needs and help them to reduce business costs.

our Services

Who Are We

We are a group of hardcore professionals with more than two decades of experience in Textiles & Apparels. We are driven with passion & love for the traditional textiles, Weaver & Artisans of India. Our motto is to put Indian Textiles on the top of the international pedestal.

Sustainability of textiles is not about only the care of the physical environment. It is also about caring about the social fabric of the people who are involved in maintaining in upholding the craft from generation to generation.

We give back what we earn. Creating wealth & caring for well being of the artisan & weaver is our mission. A part of our earnings is given to our trust which uses these funds for the upliftment of the very people who are the actual makers of these beautiful textiles & handicrafts.

How does our service work?

We propose a general approach to project development that can be customised depending on the situation and demand. Our project development approach consists of the following steps, as presented in the figure below: scouting, ideation, feasibility analysis, building and conceptualisation. Depending on your need, the full process or parts of the process may be implemented.

Interested !!  Feel free to contact us to discuss your opportunities. Our experts would be glad to make time for an informal talk.


Many innovations enter the market; an abundance of ideas perish on the drawing board. Fabrocia aims at turning promising innovation ideas into feasible project concepts.
We are there for any type of consultancy services, which may be required by any Individual/Group on any Business/Social matter.
Our service facilitates project development, also adds creativity and provides direction at all development stages. We support and co-develop your idea into a valuable process, product or service.
The objectives of “project consultancy & development” service are to:
• Provide a structured approach for the development of innovative ideas into actual innovation project concepts.
• Improve the quality of innovation projects through creative co-development.
• Provide guidance, improve the innovation process and reduce potential risks.
• Increase the probability of success of the project.
Project development is not focused on delivering a product, but on running a process. Where needed, we support the project development, with additional services that deliver a product, like technological intelligence, market and stakeholder analyses, cost-benefit analyses, and business planning.




Ankuj Mittal – Founder  & Global Corporate Textile Technical Sustainability & Industry 4.0 Consultant (Certified from University Arts of London)A competent & dynamic professional having diverse experience in understanding the rural Indian textile environment He spends most of his time in travelling & discovering the hidden treasures of traditional & sustainable textiles.  Passionate about the well being of the weaver & their crafts ,he is source of strength to the organization.


Amitabh Mehra – Founder- A hardcore Textile professionals who has represented many top mills of the country. He left his cushy job a few years ago to do his bit for the “sustainable revolution “. His motto is to ensure &  promote Indian Textiles, its weavers & craftsman to the International Audience.


Shivangi Dwivedi – A visionary textile designer with expertise in fashion and traditional art and crafts. Graduated with textile design from  NIFT she has served till date designing prints, surface, incorporated with Indian craftsmanship for various prominent brands and agency. Learning about later trends suggesting forecasts and incorporating them in her textiles prints, surfaces, embroideries and cuts had been her forte. Along with industrial experience in sartorial fashion, she has served as art and design mixing with crafts in her murals and paintings exhibited in art galleries.

Our Artisan Partners

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